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T.K. Hensleit Company routinely provides pre-construction services for project needs. Considered to be the most critical portion of any project, T.K. Hensleit Co. can provide guidance to the Owner and the Owner’s staff by participating in the conceptual and design phase. Early participation will ensure increased efficiency, improved cost effectiveness and superior quality.

The service available include:

  • Project Scope Development
  • Permitting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Design Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Cost and Schedule Control
  • Contract Administration
  • Document Control
  • Construction Inspection
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Constructability Review
  • Dispute Resolution

The Pre-Construction service package can be modified to fit the needs of any specific project.


Construction Management is used successfully in all delivery methods for Owners who do not maintain the staff expertise or size to deal with complex construction projects. T.K. Hensleit Company has developed a proprietary and highly successful method of Construction Management allowing a smooth, efficient system, which seamlessly integrates project planning, design and construction.

Our construction management services are well suited for all construction projects. Our services are particularly valuable for projects that are technically complex, under critical time constraints, limited in resources or very costly. Requirements such as these place great importance on proper planning, accurate scheduling and control of all construction expenses and operations.

T.K. Hensleit Company uses proven construction management methods to ensure that construction projects are successfully implemented, within budget and completed on time.

Construction Management - At Risk
Provides professional management service, advice on constructability, budget and scheduling with a guaranteed maximum price. Converts to a general contractor during the construction phase.

Construction Management - Agency
Provides professional management service, advice on constructability, budget and scheduling from project conception to completion as the Owners agent.